01. "The other shining star in the guest cast was Rachel Eggleston, who played the adorable Emily with an uncanny on-screen presence at such a young age that she gave Fillion a run for his money in each and every scene they shared."
Lisa Caputo @ The TV Junkies

Summer Snow

01. "Its stars include Rachel Eggleston, a busy child actress whose recent roles have included guest shots on House and Justified."
Rich Copley @

02. "Summer Snow stars David Chisum, Cameron Goodman, Garrett Backstrom, Brett Rice and newcomer Richel Eaggleston, who is sure to steal the show."
Harold Hay @ Media Missionary School

03. "My favorite character in this film was by far, Rachel Eggleston, who played Hallie. This girl had me giggling throughout this film, such a delight to watch her and what great lines they gave her. Reminded me of the verse “And a little child shall lead them”. We could all learn a lesson from the genuineness of this little child, a true example of Christianity…not perfect, but so loving and persevering."
Annelie @ Christian Film Database

How to live with your parents

01. "The Rest of Your Life...also excels with Polly's daughter. She's believable, a little girl who loves dressing in a fur wrap she probably found in her grandma's closet and who can go from pretending to be a princess to pretending to be a mermaid in an instant. She's not overly precious or wise beyond her years like, say, Shania on The New Normal."
John Kubicek @ Buddy TV

02. "Best of all, the kid works. Polly's daughter Natalie, played by Rachel Eggleston, is neither overly hammy or precocious. She plays like a cute but otherwise normal child - which is actually quite refreshing."
Roth Cornet @ IGN

03. "Natalie in HTLWYP(FTROYL) is a prominent character and even earns some laughs, played by Rachel Eggleston. Eggleston is already a TV vet (having appeared on 'House' and 'Justified') and seems completely comfortable amongst this fast-talking ensemble cast despite her extreme youth."
Adam J. Langton @ TV Rage

04. "One of the more surprising successes of the series is child actress Rachel Eggleston as Natalie. The youngster is incredibly well-written -- she's not too precocious, or too smart, or overly mischievous. She's a believable kid, not a TV trope, and she's downright enjoyable anyway."
Carina Adly MacKenzie @ Zap2it

05. "The kid on it, Rachel Eggleston (who you may recognize from guest spots of Justified and House), is absolutely adorable as well, so there's not even the child actor excuse."
Rachel Stein @ Television Without Pity

06. "And speaking of adorable, that little Rachel Eggleston (Natalie, Polly’s daughter) is absolutely precious!"
Tiffany White @ Social Boston

07. "Keep Natalie (Rachel Eggleston) just as she is. Polly’s daughter is written as a genuine kid, and Eggleston does a great job pulling off the character in a likeable, believable way. There’s no fix needed here."
Barbara Nefer @ Road Runner

08. "How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) had a lot going for it... perhaps best of all, one of the sweetest, cutest and most endearing little blond girls to appear on a screen, large or small since Shirley Temple: the darling Rachel Eggleston. What scenes Garret did not overwhelm were stolen by Rachel Eggleston. Cute, sweet, pretty - yet possessing a sense of comedic timing that many three or four times her age would envy - little Natalie was every parents - and every grandparents - pride and joy."
Mark G. McLaughlin @ Road Runner