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27 Jul 2017 Married

In the series finale of Married Rachel was seen as Maya in two scenes! The first involved being included in her father's daydream which she was quick to snap him out of and get his focus back on her and what they were working on. The second scene is a longer one which was very fun to film as it was a school play! Rachel got to dress up as a cow, was up on the stage with Maya's Dad, and a whole bunch of kids brought in as her classmates. It was a fun way to wrap up her run on the show, and the clips can be viewed in the media section. As well, a BIG thank you goes out to all of Rachel's co-stars, the crew behind the scenes, the writers, producer, FX, and everyone involved in bringing each and every episode of Married together. Rachel loved working with all of you over the course of the two seasons, and what an incredible experience!

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01 Jul 2017 We Blab Entertainment

Rachel has been quite busy lately working on a pilot, her film Bastards is due out later this year and the website We Blab Entertainment just interviewed her! She spoke with Daniel Hoyos about Bastards, her guest starring roles, Mutt & Stuff and more! It was a very fun interview to do and make sure to read it!

Young L.A. starlet Rachel Eggleston talks about her feature film "Bastards", and working with Brad Garrett on the sitcom "How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life". Also Rachel tell us about her experience filming with animals on Mutt & Stuff.

Congratulations on completing your role in the feature film "Bastards" starring Owen Wilson, and ED Helms. Can you tell us about your character Elizabeth?

Playing Elizabeth was great! She's a lot like me, she's super comfortable with adults and so am I. The movie isn't out yet and I wouldn't want to give anything away but Elizabeth is sweet & spunky. She has a great connection with Ed Helm's character and it was so fun shooting on location in Atlanta and Miami.

At just 12 years old you have already had guest roles on hit TV series including "Austin & Ally", "Justified", and "Castle." Can you tell us how you prepare for an audition?

Whenever I have an audition and I get the lines to study, I try to read between the lines and see what's really going on in the scene(s) I try to imagine how the characters in the story are feeling. Oh, and let's not forget the lines, it's pretty important to know the lines.

In 2013 you had a co-staring role in the short-lived sitcom "How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest of Your Life" opposite Brad Garrett from "Everybody Loves Raymond". What was it like working with Brad, and did he give you any career advice?

Working with Brad was amazing. I was just seven years old when I worked on that show but I can remember how funny and sweet he was. I always had fun with him on set. I can remember an episode when he was going to be doing a big singing number in a play we were performing. He was practicing in the hair & make-up trailer while we were getting ready for the scene. He has such a big voice, everyone was laughing and smiling. He’s such a big sweet guy and a good singer.

Visit http://www.weblabentertainment.com to read the full interview

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24 May 2017 Mutt & Stuff

Rachel has appeared in multiple episodes of Mutt & Stuff currently airing on Nick Jr. Her character Annie the Animal Rescuer has been a big help to baby animals that find their way to the dog school and in episode 13 she is on the hunt for a goat! While her friends haven't seen her friend, it doesn't take long to find out where he's run off to when they hear goat sounds and the screams of the restaurant critic! Annie quickly swoops in to round up her goat and try and make it right with the critic before heading out. The clip from the episode can be found in the media section and make sure to check your local listings to see Rachel in the series!

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